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Prayer Life

Prayer Life

To help our children to develop their understanding of Catholic prayer, we are now saying a 'Prayer of the Month' daily in class. The prayers for Key Stage 1 this term are:

April: Prayer to the Guardian Angel

May: Hail Mary

June: Prayer of St. Richard of Chichester

July: Glory Be

In Key Stage 2, we are continuing to develop our understanding of traditional Catholic prayer, and will be learning the following prayers and their traditions each month:

April: Prayer to the Holy Spirit (to support our Confirmandi who will be confirmed on April 7th)

May: The Angelus

June: Prayer of St. Richard of Chichester

July: The Magnificat

Prayer is central to the life of our school and there are many opportunities for children to pray together frequently throughout the school day. There are 4 set prayer times in which all classes pray together: during morning gathering, grace before and after lunch and at home-time. In addition to this, children pray during RE lessons and collective worship using a variety of prayer approaches, such as open prayer, choral prayer, guided meditation, etc to further develop their personal relationship with God. 

Throughout the months of October and May, a Rosary prayer group takes places every lunchtime for Key Stage 2. This is led by our RE champions, Chloe and Phoebe. 

During Lent and Advent, liturgies take place during the school day. These liturgies are written and led by pupils with support from school staff.

Children are also encouraged to pray in the school prayer garden, which is centrally positioned for easy access to all members of the school community.