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Extra Curricular Sports Clubs

Extra Curricular Sports Clubs

We offer a wide variety of extra curricular sports clubs at St. Joseph's Catholic Academy.

Have a look at the timetable below for this half-term:

Click on the links below to view letters with information about how to sign up to (and pay for where necessary) the above clubs:

* Bee Active (Y1 -> Y3)

* KS1 Street Dance (Y1 & Y2)

* KS2 Street Dance (Y3 -> Y6)

* SCFC Football (Y6 Boys)

* ASM Tag Rugby (Y4 -> Y6)

* ASM Boy's Football (Y4 & Y5)

* ASM Girl's Football (Y4 -> Y6)

* Change 4 Life (Selected Pupils)

No letter needed for the other lunchtime clubs - pupils to please express interest on the half-termly class sign-up sheet.