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Vocations- our calling from God

We teach the children of St Joseph's that we all have a calling from God. Much of our work in RE, Collective Worship and assemblies focus upon who God has called us to be. In addition to this, we seek to involve others from the parish, diocese and beyond to support this mission, and many of our visitors promote vocation. We work closely with the parish, diocese and charities such as CAFOD and Fr. Hudson's Care, to make God known to all in school.

In 2021, we combined our Vocations Day with a week learning about the wide range of possible careers and vocations open to us. During this week, we continually reflected on what God is calling us all to do and what sort of person God is calling each of us to be.   

We were very pleased to welcome a wide range of visitors who really engaged and inspired our children in teaching them all about their own vocations and their job roles. Our visitors included Lord Mayor Cllr Chandra Kanneganti, Dave Nixon from local charity Number 11, Phil Mayland from CAFOD, Tim McGough, Damon Robinson, Community Champion from Asda, and some of our fantastic parents: Mr Rigby, Mr Wilshaw, Mr and Mrs Goldspink and Mrs Jenkinson who were all brilliant.  

The children ended the week by dressing up as what they aspire to be when they are older and we were so impressed with their efforts! We reflected on how we can all use our God given gifts and talents to follow the path God is calling us to follow and to lead holy lives.